Friday, February 4, 2011

Invest Bhubaneswar - Odisha Symposium

Invest Bhubaneswar, ODISHA Symposium will bring together businesses and thought leaders from Odisha, India & the rest of the World; to explore investment opportunities in Odisha. It will showcase Odisha’s entrepreneurs and the potential sectors of investment in the State. This event is part of Invest Bhubaneswar’s continuous effort towards branding Bhubaneswar as the most preferred destination for entrepreneurs and investors across the Globe.

Invest Bhubaneswar aims at creating a platform for businesses and entrepreneurs in Odisha to connect with their counterparts around the globe, starting with Silicon Valley, California, USA, and develop collaborative efforts for the growth of Bhubaneswar and Odisha.

·         IT: Connecting Bhubaneswar companies with Silicon Valley for sales, marketing, business development, and investment.

·         Hospitality: Connecting Orissa State Tourism Industry with Local Tourism Operators, Hotel Association to promote Medical Tourism, Tribal Tourism, Eco-tourism etc.

·         Education: Connecting Educational institutions to collaborate with Silicon Valley Universities, Market Medical/Eng/MBA programs in US to recruit foreign Faculty and Students.

·         Infrastructure: Infrastructure: Connecting Odisha entrepreneurs with silicon valley investors to collaborate on mutual business opportunities.

Team Orissa :-
Economic development through industrialisation is the fruit of a concerted synergy of several initiatives; namely, a stable political leadership, investor friendly government policies, proactive institutional support and above all a positive attitude within every person involved in the process of facilitating industrial activity in the state.

The Government has taken proactive measures to attract investments by creating the concept of “Team Orissa” that encompasses the broad institutional framework of the Government which is engaged in industrial facilitation and investment promotion in all key areas of economic growth.
The Chief Minister is the Captain of Team Orissa and the principal goal of the “Team” is to provide necessary synergies and convergence of all Government efforts to ensure Orissa’s position at the vanguard of economic and social prosperity. The combination of two words “Team” & “Orissa” embodies the spirit behind every effort that is made towards furthering investment climate and promoting entrepreneurship in the state.

TiE :- With the mission of promoting entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking & education, TIE was started in 1992 by successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley; today the TiE network has over 13,000 members and charter members in 13 countries and 5 continents. For more details, visit 

USIBC :- The U.S.-India Business Council is the principal interlocutor for industry operating in the U.S. and Indian marketplace, playing a critical role supporting U.S. Government initiatives that include the U.S.-India Economic Dialogue (CEO Forum), the U.S.-India High Technology Cooperation Group, U.S.-India Energy Dialogue, the Defense Procurement & Production Group, and the U.S.-India Trade Policy Forum. USIBC formulates an annual work plan that targets specific issues important to its member-companies, compiled from input derived from the 13 Executive Committees and Working Groups that meet regularly to assess progress on-the-ground and to devise strategies and prepare representations to advance sector-specific reforms in India. In addition, USIBC’s Executive Committees organize industry missions to India to present to counterparts and the Government of India a united front to forge policy reform advances. 



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