Thursday, February 3, 2011

Innovatives Fund Management Ltd.

INNOVATIVES FUND MANAGEMENT LIMITED is one of the leading financial consultancies with diversification motto towards Economic freedom & destiny with utmost integrity towards Human society. We have Macro Presentation of faith & believe over every human being, Government sector, various Corporate, Large scale & small scale Industrial sectors. Company intends to felicitate economic justice to Entire society by presence in every Natural calamities and national disasters throughout India.

Keonjhar Branch
Company also regulates with acceptance of various types deposits, Advances & funds from doners & depositors for charities & investments in financial sector. Like NSE, BSE, through Securities Board of India and other financial apex bodies. Our prime focus is to give assistance & benefits to social welfare commitments.

Berhampur Branch
Company have also diversified business organization in different segments and various sectors In Education, Health Services, Infrastructures field like Schools and colleges, Medical Research centres.

Company Philosophy :

True value of any one’s investment from customer’s point of view to ensure that the highest standard of service provided by us and the interests of our clients are served and thereby their investment with us is worth remembering for life.

Angul Branch

To be a company of High Brand Value with the loyalty of satisfied customers of over 2000 in different segments since incorporation, have felt presence most of socio-Economic part of Odisha for a better & peaceful life to live.
Company' Moto
1. Providing benefits and assistance to Rs.5 Lakhs of beneficiaries through different segment & services by the organizations within year 2011.
2. Giving securities under various insurance scheme services to minimum 50,000 peoples in every year.
3. Target to achieve 100 cores of financial business turn over through shares, Trading, MDS and monthly income schemes.
4. Giving opportunities to 5,000 nos. of professionals in employment in the whole group.
6. Pioneering INNOVATIVES PRATIVA TRUST AWARDS to outstanding achievers in Education, Agriculture, Science & Technologies, Social welfare sectors in Odisha.
7. Company’s presence in form of Goodwill in every corner of India to help & assist the people those who effected in natural calamities.
8. To establish company’s loyalty towards employees & their family up to forth coming ancestors this is an ongoing process.                                 


  1. nice work by innovative man,said ..........

  2. Innovative ,the name it self defines the company.